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WordPress Upgrade Postponed Until Weekend

I’m going to upgrade WordPress to the latest 2.1 version this weekend. Not that it should matter to you or the day to day business of this blog. I just want to mention it because I will not get around updating my own plugins and widgets, of which one is reported broken, until after the […]

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Blog Magellan: Archive Navigation

I guess this, my English site, will become more and more about web design and development in general with an occasional humor piece split in for good measure, while I spend more time covering philosophy, history, writing and film making in swedish. One of my personal goals is to become a better writer overall. So […]

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Blog Overcast: Tagclouds

One thing I’ve been fiddling around with lately in the WordPress default theme Kubrick is navigation. I have enhanced the Archives navigation in the sidebar and split up what used to be Categories into “Sections” and “Topics”, and finaly restyled “Topics” into a tagcloud.

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