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Python FTGL Bindings

I’ve just released PyFTGL which makes it possible to take advantage of FreeType and FTGL to render text in OpenGL program using TrueType, Type 1 or OpenType fonts. PyFTGL wraps the functionality of FTGL into a Python module so it can be used in conjunction with PyOpenGL. Note that the bindings are still in alpha: […]

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Last.fm Radio Protocol

During the weekend I decided to hack together my own last.fm radio player in Python. I had found the My Playlist station pretty useless after being treated to the same three songs over and over again, and set out to code a player that would autoskip any songs I’ve already listened to once during a […]

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import time as summer

Not many new posts have showed up here in a while due to the fact that a) I have nothing web or code worthy to say and b) I have been busy getting my native Swedish blog going. But don’t despair. During my summer break this year I’ve started to code a new application in […]

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That Python Is Strangling Me!

I’ve given up on implementing Python classes using C API since I couldn’t get instancing in the C API to work properly. No helpfull error messages, either segfault or “wrong arguments in Objectsclassobjects.cpp line 504″, no helpfull documentation, and me to tired to even type gdb. I’m going back to write a simple module and […]

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And Now Something Completely Different …

I finally figured out how to implement classes in Python using C API — the right way. Namely as a new type using the PyTypeObject complete with get and set attribute calls and plain members. But I tought my previous hack for building a class at runtime is still slim enough to share, especially if […]

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