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My Playground

Playground (not suitable for children under 30 year).

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Anechoic Sampled Instruments and Reverberation

I had a disturbing dream the other night that I was modeling a reverb of an anechoic room. Been occupied a little bit too much by acoustics, reverberation and instruments samples, have we?

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Home Studio Acoustics: The Basics

There are two extremes to studio building: The situation were you are stuck with a room and have to do the best of the situation, and the situation were you have total control and can do the best you can afford. In here I try to examen the first and most common situation and how […]

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Last.fm Radio Protocol

During the weekend I decided to hack together my own last.fm radio player in Python. I had found the My Playlist station pretty useless after being treated to the same three songs over and over again, and set out to code a player that would autoskip any songs I’ve already listened to once during a […]

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I just want to give a shout-out to the software, LilyPond, that I used to produce the notation in yesterdays post.

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Jazz Notes

I’m no expert in music or jazz, just a happy amateur trying to learn new stuff and make sense of what I already know. So the following is simply an introduction on how I think about the topic. My personal mental map, if you will. For this reason it’s helpful for you to read thought […]

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Just noticed that last.fm got a real face lift, it’s soo shiny… The downside: it take a tad longer to load the pages than on the old site even in Opera (the browser… not any section on last.fm). But from my quick look, apart from the new look, there is some good improvement. I think […]

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The Six Most Important Seconds In the World

I’ve heard this drum break sample over and over again, I’ve even got it in my own sample collection (who hasn’t). But I have actually never known the origin of it, or understood the importance of it until I saw this video.

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