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Verhoeff’s Dihedral Group D5 Check

I just finished implementing the Verhoeff checksum algorithm in PHP, you can download it as verhoeff.zip. Yes, mathematically it’s a bit more elaborate than other checksum algorithms, but with look-up tables it’s fairly simple and lightweight. The implementation provides two functions calcsum($number) and checksum($number). The first one return a check digit for the decimal number […]

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Blog by Numbers: Don’t Shoot the Mime, TeX!

I’m currently working on an article that make use of some math notation. Normally, in such cases, when you need something out of the ordinary that can’t easily be marked up as XHTML you render an image (yes, I know about MathML). It’s quite easy to render beautiful math formulae off-line. But making the round-trip […]

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Disruption of Time

There’re some news going on in the world of physics that’s facinating, explainable and may break new ground. What making it more newsworthy is the author of the work, a 27 years old broadcasting tutor who only spent 6 moth in college. But after all Albert Eintein was only a patent clerk when he did […]

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