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The Cupertino Effect In Action

Was recently affected by the Cupertino effect: “bounce of ranging monkeys” instead of “bunch of raging monkeys” and “historical impotence” in place of “historical importance”.

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My English is Good, How’s Your Typesetter?

One of my previous new year resolutions was to improve my grammar and interpunctuation skills, wished by some teachers that dreaded my long, dwindling (learn to use the comma!?), rambling (or any of its brothers and sisters), rants as sentences. I’m a strong believer in if you’re going to do something do it as good […]

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Marking Words

Here’s an idea I’ve been entertaining for some time now and that I would like to see realized: A word navigator. I know that in the field of computational linguistics there’s several implementation of this kind for different areas of our syntactic, lexicographic and semantic network of knowledge for our understanding of language. But what […]

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I’m the new me.

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Swedish and English Translation of Sandbox

I have made my swedish translation for Sandbox available as sv_SE.po and sv_SE.mo. You only need the later unless you intend to modify the translation. Even if you are using english as standard on your blog, you can still benefit from gettext to modify some wordings without changing any of the template files. For the […]

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Playing With Gettext in the Sandbox

I’ve done a translation of the Sandbox theme for my swedish section of the site using the GNU gettext tools. It’s pretty simple.

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