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Gmail — The Sequel

Whoo hoo! When I turned on my desktop computer this morning the Gmail tally in my taskbar had some trouble logging in. Worried that I had lost my internet connectivity (not that unusual if you’re a Blixtvik customer) I fired up Firefox and logged into Gmail. It worked. Then I noticed the Older version link […]

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Last.fm Radio Protocol

During the weekend I decided to hack together my own last.fm radio player in Python. I had found the My Playlist station pretty useless after being treated to the same three songs over and over again, and set out to code a player that would autoskip any songs I’ve already listened to once during a […]

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Poor Mans Edge-Cache

I have been playing around with the Amazon Web Services and S3 in particular over the last couple of days. It’s something I have planned to do for a long time now but never have come around till now. But I got a kick in the but to wake up and smell the Amazon Kool-Aid […]

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To quote Kenneth Himschoot: Our W3C, which art on the net: Hallowed be thy markup. Thy workingdrafts come. Thy Specs be done in Mozilla as they are in Opera. Give us this day our daily XHTLM and forgive us our hacks and workarounds, as we forgive all tablebased designers. And lead us not to invalid […]

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Poetic license

I haven’t posted anything here in a while, so I composed this somewhat dadaistic poem below from the subject lines of the spam in my inbox: Wanna check it out? The so systemic, Was a revision On deficit; Got her broown with highhard Do accordance; The is stolen His highlight; Time is now, Spout means […]

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The Domains of Antarctica

Did you know that Antarctica has its own top-level domain, .aq ?

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IndiPage (yes, it was spelled wrong)

Those who are interested, understand swedish and might be tracking this blog instead of my swedish one: I’ve begun, starting this week, to republish my articles about filmmaking that were online between 1996 and 1998 on my previous site IndiPage.

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Just noticed that last.fm got a real face lift, it’s soo shiny… The downside: it take a tad longer to load the pages than on the old site even in Opera (the browser… not any section on last.fm). But from my quick look, apart from the new look, there is some good improvement. I think […]

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Lets (Go)ogle the Earth

Yay! Finally, Google releases Google Earth in native version for GNU/Linux, as announced on the Google Blog.

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Domain Registry of Assholes

Looks like the business that call themselves Domain Registry of America is once again sending out their scam letter trying to fool people to renew their domain registrations and transfer them to DRoA, despite the fact they are already registered with another registrar. Please don’t do business with them! I have no idea why they […]

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