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Introduction to K-3D

This past summers participation in Googles Summer of Code has really revitalized the K-3D project to some degree. Especially with the realization that we1 need both more regular users as well as developers, to keep interest in the project alive and as a reason to continue development. One of the suggestions was to create demos […]

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Python FTGL Bindings

I’ve just released PyFTGL which makes it possible to take advantage of FreeType and FTGL to render text in OpenGL program using TrueType, Type 1 or OpenType fonts. PyFTGL wraps the functionality of FTGL into a Python module so it can be used in conjunction with PyOpenGL. Note that the bindings are still in alpha: […]

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OMG! It’s so cute!! LOL …or How I Got Anti-Aliased Fonts

I seriously don’t know how I could lived this long and used my Gentoo installation without enabling anti-alias for the rendering of fonts. For a long time I have admired Konqueror (or KHTML to be precise) for its beautiful renditions of web pages compared to Firefox, text rendering so soft and clear, thinking it was […]

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No Apparent Transparent

I can’t figure out why the PNG transparency wont apply to the artwork in my previous “Redesign Chronicle” when viewing the post in IE6 — despite the fact that I’m using Dean Edwards IE7 script and the files end in -trans.png. Arrrgh! Update: I’ve cracked it! Turned out that it was the PNG files themselves. […]

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Spin ye’ head

I wrote a simple header image rotator today to be able to substitute the boring blue “thing” with a 4th of July photo. The script is a variation on the header-img.php script included with the Kubrick 1.5 shipped with WordPress as default theme.

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Wings 3d

I must say that Wings 3d are THE polygon and subdivision mesh modeler.

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Another Bulletin

Another plug about Camp Slaughter and Magic Bullet just came in.

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I’m just catching up on the CSI reruns here in sweden, saw the first season but got distracted later, also going to watch the CSI Miami reruns that start on monday. Last weeks most interesting read was an article about Stargate Digital that do the visual effects for those shows and a dosen others. The […]

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The Zap Effect

Håkan “Mr Zap” Andersson posted his latest short movie Intermezzo Dualis – Reloaded as QuickTime and Windows Media a month ago. Now upon popular demand he has also posted a page detailing how it was done. Check it out, it’s fun! And don’t miss his Star Wars fan film Kid Wars … it also include […]

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