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Home Studio Acoustics: The Basics

There are two extremes to studio building: The situation were you are stuck with a room and have to do the best of the situation, and the situation were you have total control and can do the best you can afford. In here I try to examen the first and most common situation and how […]

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My Adactio Comment

My comment over at Jeremy blog managed to get somewhat botched so here is it in its original glory: My approach from now will be fluid layouts using max-width (or “telescoping” layouts as I like to call them) and deal with IE6 using Dean Edwards IE7 script as Eric pointed out a long time ago […]

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Redesign Chronicles: Layout Behavior

I will kick off this recurring series with an overview of the basic layout options we have at our disposal. It’s nothing especially earth-shattering, but it’s an important issue to think through properly and just because it seem so basic few do. You might already have heard it a thousand times, that “the web isn’t […]

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Redesign Chronicles: Introduction

Over the coming months, I’m going to tear down and redesign this site. I plan to do it slowly, making it a great practice and learning experience for me personally. What I plan to do is chronicle the process, describe steps I’m going to take, what the options are and the rationale behind my choices.

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Blog Magellan: At the Kings Table

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been posting very long (sometimes too long that I had to split them up in several posts) articles, that I wrote ten years ago, over at my swedish site. That mean lots of content, paragraphs and headings split up over five or ten pages per post. So I […]

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Blog Magellan: Archive Navigation

I guess this, my English site, will become more and more about web design and development in general with an occasional humor piece split in for good measure, while I spend more time covering philosophy, history, writing and film making in swedish. One of my personal goals is to become a better writer overall. So […]

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Blog Overcast: Tagclouds

One thing I’ve been fiddling around with lately in the WordPress default theme Kubrick is navigation. I have enhanced the Archives navigation in the sidebar and split up what used to be Categories into “Sections” and “Topics”, and finaly restyled “Topics” into a tagcloud.

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