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Poor Mans Edge-Cache

I have been playing around with the Amazon Web Services and S3 in particular over the last couple of days. It’s something I have planned to do for a long time now but never have come around till now. But I got a kick in the but to wake up and smell the Amazon Kool-Aid […]

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Yesterday I realized that I really need to get on with the redesign when I had to add an !important to get a CSS-rule to apply. Thanks to Firebug 1.0 beta I got a painful visualization of how inefficient the current code can be, my custom rules on top of the Sanbox “Kubrick” skin.

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Redesign Chronicles: Layout Behavior

I will kick off this recurring series with an overview of the basic layout options we have at our disposal. It’s nothing especially earth-shattering, but it’s an important issue to think through properly and just because it seem so basic few do. You might already have heard it a thousand times, that “the web isn’t […]

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Redesign Chronicles: Introduction

Over the coming months, I’m going to tear down and redesign this site. I plan to do it slowly, making it a great practice and learning experience for me personally. What I plan to do is chronicle the process, describe steps I’m going to take, what the options are and the rationale behind my choices.

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Issues In the Sandbox

For a day or two I have been whining about Sandbox on Andy and Scott’s blogs and in my gettext post. Why? Because I recently “jumped on the Sandbox bandwagon”. Making me boast to friends that I’d switched to a theme that made the site look exactly like as before! While they were staring at […]

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Stylesheet Issue: CRM-114

I think I just found some stylesheet issue with the Kubrick CSS. It is fully possible I introduced the problem myself, but I don’t think so mainly because a) I can’t recall touching any of the affected rules and b) I’ve experienced the same problem on other sites. What I’m talking about is the font […]

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