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I hope everyone using WordPress know that it ships with a backup plugin. It’s a great beginner solution that makes people aware that they should care about making backups of their data. But to me it didn’t make the cut a while ago when I really started to care about safe backup of my data. […]

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Playing With Gettext in the Sandbox

I’ve done a translation of the Sandbox theme for my swedish section of the site using the GNU gettext tools. It’s pretty simple.

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Blog Overcast: Tagclouds

One thing I’ve been fiddling around with lately in the WordPress default theme Kubrick is navigation. I have enhanced the Archives navigation in the sidebar and split up what used to be Categories into “Sections” and “Topics”, and finaly restyled “Topics” into a tagcloud.

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LyX and jurabib

I’m using jurabib for citation in the humanities. Since LyX jurabib support is incomplete I’ve come up with the following solution to “hack” the preamble and document. Just include it in a LyX template and don’t worry about it no more. Update: It was pointed out to me on the lyx-users mailing list that there […]

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Something To Do On A Sunday Afternoon

I’ve recently become involved in a project where the client application will be developed using the Mozilla Gecko engine and framework. I’m not directly working on the client, but as lead developer I’m at least expected to be familiar with the underlying technology. I do have played around with XUL and JavaScript before, a long […]

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Struck by the Lighting

I’m a Gaffer. And when people ask me about lighting I usually ramble on for hours, I love lighting and I love talking about it, often slipping into the area of different camera responses to lighting and D log E curves. But here I’ve tried to contain myself to a list of practical lessons about […]

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DVD Author Primer

Traditionally, DVD authoring has been an expensive affair. Full- featured professional applications or hardware costs big sums of money, while low-budget products often come with severe limitations in features. However, it’s now possible to author professional DVDs on Linux thanks to a group of open-source packages. Even if they do not yet support all features of the DVD specification new features are being added with each release.

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And Now Something Completely Different …

I finally figured out how to implement classes in Python using C API — the right way. Namely as a new type using the PyTypeObject complete with get and set attribute calls and plain members. But I tought my previous hack for building a class at runtime is still slim enough to share, especially if […]

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A Singleton Not Named Bridget

Ok. I haven’t posted anything in a (relative) long time. To tell the truth — there isn’t much to report.

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