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Notes from Camp

Phew, people really master the art of overreacting to things! And I’m truly sorry if I hurt anybodys feeling by posting this. What I previously meant was that the material (dailies) looked quite good, and I had set my expectations to high, but the movie turned out to be slightly different.

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Movie Magic

I have evaluated the Movie Magic Scriptwriter briefly the last couple of days. It has the same feature set as Final Draft. But there are some nuisances that make me feel awkward using Scriptwriter compared to Final Draft: When you create a new script the first line is not automatically a slug line element. I […]

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The Other Kind of Software Scripting

My recent activities of tracking down various word processing documents that I tought was lost and convert them into some kind of open and readable document format — in particular screenplays — have spurred my interest into open source alternatives for scriptwriting.

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