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Twenty letters, first letter “I”, last letter “N”?

When we’re already at it. Molly Holzschlag (yes, I had to look up the spelling — just remember “type of wood” til’ next time) held a session during @media 2006: “Internationalisation: Awakening The Sleeping Giant”. Available as mp3 for audio and slides for visual sensory pleasure. Also, don’t forget to take a look at the […]

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All Male Orgy

Over the last ten or fifteen years I’ve always wondered how homosexual behavior scientifically fit into the field of biology. But I was unaware that it basically hadn’t, other than as anecdotes, until Joan Roughgarden decided to study it after realizing Darwin was wrong.

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The Six Most Important Seconds In the World

I’ve heard this drum break sample over and over again, I’ve even got it in my own sample collection (who hasn’t). But I have actually never known the origin of it, or understood the importance of it until I saw this video.

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Disruption of Time

There’re some news going on in the world of physics that’s facinating, explainable and may break new ground. What making it more newsworthy is the author of the work, a 27 years old broadcasting tutor who only spent 6 moth in college. But after all Albert Eintein was only a patent clerk when he did […]

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The Zap Effect

Håkan “Mr Zap” Andersson posted his latest short movie Intermezzo Dualis – Reloaded as QuickTime and Windows Media a month ago. Now upon popular demand he has also posted a page detailing how it was done. Check it out, it’s fun! And don’t miss his Star Wars fan film Kid Wars … it also include […]

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