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I just want to give a shout-out to the software, LilyPond, that I used to produce the notation in yesterdays post.

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Partial Update

Ok, I must just post something. Otherwise it will just become even more embarrassing when the message “upgrade postponed” sits on top for a whole month and I’ve upgraded not once, but twice, in that time frame. Not that I have much to tell, I’ve some things that I plan to post but couldn’t find […]

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WordPress Upgrade Postponed Until Weekend

I’m going to upgrade WordPress to the latest 2.1 version this weekend. Not that it should matter to you or the day to day business of this blog. I just want to mention it because I will not get around updating my own plugins and widgets, of which one is reported broken, until after the […]

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And we’re back!

As you may notice, the site is back. No more “WordPress Error” screen. The reason it went down was a scheduled upgrade of MySQL from 4.0 to 4.1.

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Page down today January 19th @ 15:00 CET

The blog will be down today January 19th at 15:00 due to planned maintenance. The reason is an upgrade of MySQL.

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No Apparent Transparent

I can’t figure out why the PNG transparency wont apply to the artwork in my previous “Redesign Chronicle” when viewing the post in IE6 — despite the fact that I’m using Dean Edwards IE7 script and the files end in -trans.png. Arrrgh! Update: I’ve cracked it! Turned out that it was the PNG files themselves. […]

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To quote Kenneth Himschoot: Our W3C, which art on the net: Hallowed be thy markup. Thy workingdrafts come. Thy Specs be done in Mozilla as they are in Opera. Give us this day our daily XHTLM and forgive us our hacks and workarounds, as we forgive all tablebased designers. And lead us not to invalid […]

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“It’s Like Goldy and Bronzy”

Matt Mullenweg’s business card allegedly instructs people just to enter “Matt” and hit “I’m Feeling Lucky” to get to his site. Well, now I can instruct people to enter “Ironicist” and hit “I’m Feeling Lucky”… should I dare to say that it feels “ironic”?

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Verhoeff’s Dihedral Group D5 Check

I just finished implementing the Verhoeff checksum algorithm in PHP, you can download it as Yes, mathematically it’s a bit more elaborate than other checksum algorithms, but with look-up tables it’s fairly simple and lightweight. The implementation provides two functions calcsum($number) and checksum($number). The first one return a check digit for the decimal number […]

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Blog by Numbers: Don’t Shoot the Mime, TeX!

I’m currently working on an article that make use of some math notation. Normally, in such cases, when you need something out of the ordinary that can’t easily be marked up as XHTML you render an image (yes, I know about MathML). It’s quite easy to render beautiful math formulae off-line. But making the round-trip […]

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