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And we’re back (once again)!

The infrequent visitor to this site might have noticed that I haven’t posted anything since, like, forever. Or put in other words, er, numbers: 2009. Much has happened since then. I begun studying at Linköping university. Was supposed to have a bachelor in history by now. (I am still working on it.) But instead been […]

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Now I’m pissed… someone is using my email adress in SPAM

Some Russian fellows appears to be using my email address as the from address in SPAM messages about a business course. I’m getting “mail delivery failed” messages en masse.

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My Playground

Playground (not suitable for children under 30 year).

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YouTube API Bookmarklet

To download video from YouTube, drag the bookmarklet below to your bookmarks toolbar. You can then click on it whenever you are visiting a YouTube video URL to download the FLV video featured on that page. YouTube This was made possible by YouTube API. I put together the bookmarklet because Adobe’s 32 bit Flash […]

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Nothing here to see – circulate!

Unfortunately, I haven’t had any interesting to say in English for a while. I’m currently keeping myself busy with the building of a music studio, bloging in Swedish and my studies. Hopefully there will be some brand new spanking news about one of my side-projects in the near future.

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Gmail — The Sequel

Whoo hoo! When I turned on my desktop computer this morning the Gmail tally in my taskbar had some trouble logging in. Worried that I had lost my internet connectivity (not that unusual if you’re a Blixtvik customer) I fired up Firefox and logged into Gmail. It worked. Then I noticed the Older version link […]

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Skype on Linux

I’ve got Skype to work on my Gentoo Linux box by setting the library path by force: $> LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/gcc/i686-pc-linux-gnu/4.1.2/ skype

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Python FTGL Bindings

I’ve just released PyFTGL which makes it possible to take advantage of FreeType and FTGL to render text in OpenGL program using TrueType, Type 1 or OpenType fonts. PyFTGL wraps the functionality of FTGL into a Python module so it can be used in conjunction with PyOpenGL. Note that the bindings are still in alpha: […]

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import time as summer

Not many new posts have showed up here in a while due to the fact that a) I have nothing web or code worthy to say and b) I have been busy getting my native Swedish blog going. But don’t despair. During my summer break this year I’ve started to code a new application in […]

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Here is a WordPress plugin that I had almost forgot about only to “rediscover” it during an upgrade of WordPress. The main reason being that it is a drop in replacement for Rochus Wolff Endnotes plugin which I didn’t realized that I had replaced. The main difference is that the drop in replacement don’t need […]

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