Of course Germans have jokes. They’re just not funny.

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YouTube API Bookmarklet

To download video from YouTube, drag the bookmarklet below to your bookmarks toolbar. You can then click on it whenever you are visiting a YouTube video URL to download the FLV video featured on that page.


This was made possible by YouTube API. I put together the bookmarklet because Adobe’s 32 bit Flash plugin is usually not very happy in a 64 bit environment on GNU/Linux. Now I can watch everything fullscreen in MPlayer.

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Global Warming

You know global warming is getting worse when someone start to live blog it.

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Nothing here to see – circulate!

Unfortunately, I haven’t had any interesting to say in English for a while. I’m currently keeping myself busy with the building of a music studio, bloging in Swedish and my studies. Hopefully there will be some brand new spanking news about one of my side-projects in the near future.

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My New Keyboard

I hate my new keyboard, it can’t speal.

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Dialog Boxing

I’m thinking of translating an operating system into Ramsay. How about this for a reboot dialog?

I’m so fucking annoyed. We shutting it down and starting it up again!

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The Smirking Gnu

I have been using GNU/Linux as my main desktop OS since 2002, but today was the first time I’ve seen “Linux” being explicitly mentioned in the system requirements for a regular run-of-the-mill hardware product:

Windows Vista 1) / XP (SP1 and above) / 2000 (SP3 and above)
Mac OS (10.x and above) Yes
Linux (2.4 and above) Yes

The product? A Kingston 1GB Datatraveler 100. Yes, I know, it should work with any OS supporting the USB mass storage class. I just thought it looked sweet.

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The Sucker in Success

Success is something you have to learn, like seeking certain peoples advice and then run the opposite direction with it.

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Gmail — The Sequel

Whoo hoo!

When I turned on my desktop computer this morning the Gmail tally in my taskbar had some trouble logging in. Worried that I had lost my internet connectivity (not that unusual if you’re a Blixtvik customer) I fired up Firefox and logged into Gmail. It worked. Then I noticed the Older version link at the top right hand corner and realized that Gmail version 2.0 had arrived!

It’s not just faster. Or the undo messages in a paler shade of yellow. The URLs are finally meaningful. For example:

Show you All Mail, while…

…is a specific mail, in this case a draft.

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Introduction to K-3D

This past summers participation in Googles Summer of Code has really revitalized the K-3D project to some degree. Especially with the realization that we1 need both more regular users as well as developers, to keep interest in the project alive and as a reason to continue development.

One of the suggestions was to create demos of K-3D as screeencasts. In my own experience a screencast tell me more about an application and the work flow than a screenshot or tutorial ever will. Over the previous week-end Joe Crawford2 really applied himself to the task and spent ten hours making this quite impressive introduction to K-3D.

My apologies for the poor quality. Google Video resized and transcoded the hell out of it while Joe’s original TechSmith video is razor sharp.

1 I haven’t contributed to the projects for years, but will again once I get my new workstation.

2 Joe Crawford teaches 3D at VanArts in addition to running his own studio and serves as “superuser”-consult to the project.

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