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With Perforce offering unrestricted usage of their revision control server for up to 20 users; it might be time to take a look at what it can offer you as a small independent developer. Even if you, like me, already have been using systems like Git or Subversion to collaborate, it might actually be time […]

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I would like to talk to you about something that has been on my mind lately: Decoupling. No, it’s not any particularly new concept and something I’ve been practicing as a software developer over the past ten years. What I have been thinking about is its application to the web, our software stacks and how […]

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And we’re back (once again)!

The infrequent visitor to this site might have noticed that I haven’t posted anything since, like, forever. Or put in other words, er, numbers: 2009. Much has happened since then. I begun studying at Linköping university. Was supposed to have a bachelor in history by now. (I am still working on it.) But instead been […]

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The #spectrial

Following The Pirate Bay court case during the two last days has been like watching a special needs team play a NBA team, were former do all scoring in their own goal while the latter sits comfortably cheer leading from the sidelines.

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Now I’m pissed… someone is using my email adress in SPAM

Some Russian fellows appears to be using my email address as the from address in SPAM messages about a business course. I’m getting “mail delivery failed” messages en masse.

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My Playground

Playground (not suitable for children under 30 year).

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The Cupertino Effect In Action

Was recently affected by the Cupertino effect: “bounce of ranging monkeys” instead of “bunch of raging monkeys” and “historical impotence” in place of “historical importance”.

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Anechoic Sampled Instruments and Reverberation

I had a disturbing dream the other night that I was modeling a reverb of an anechoic room. Been occupied a little bit too much by acoustics, reverberation and instruments samples, have we?

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Home Studio Acoustics: The Basics

There are two extremes to studio building: The situation were you are stuck with a room and have to do the best of the situation, and the situation were you have total control and can do the best you can afford. In here I try to examen the first and most common situation and how […]

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Forbidden to throw yourself in front of the train

Here’s a type of sign I can’t remember seeing anywhere else like London, Paris, Milano, L.A. or the few cities with subways I’ve visited (realize that NYC and Berlin is missing and that I need to book a vacation). Is this symptomatically Swedish or am I just prejudiced? Sign found at the end of platforms […]

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