About Anders

Anders “high on morpheme” Dahnielson has since 1996 lived as expat on the net during most of the colder part of the year. In 2003 Dahnielson.com became Anders personal blog thingy.

Anders started working with film and video at the age of 14, and later studied Television and Video Production in addition to working as set lighting technician and motion control grip in L.A. In 1998 he joined two fellow students to found BlackBurst Imaging where he begun develop software to fill the daily needs of film- and video productions, and advocate digital cinematography.

In 1996, the world saw the homepage of IndiPage.com for the first time, a web site about film making created by Anders. Since then he has been involved in developing several web sites and applications and is today a strong advocate for web standards.

Anders is today an experienced developer who is willing to confess that he has learned mostly from his past mistakes and that progress can’t exist without the possibility of failure.

Today, Anders continue to work on different film, video, game and web related projects. He can be reached via anders@dahnielson.com.