Forbidden to throw yourself in front of the train

Förbjudet att kasta sig framför tåget

Here’s a type of sign I can’t remember seeing anywhere else like London, Paris, Milano, L.A. or the few cities with subways I’ve visited (realize that NYC and Berlin is missing and that I need to book a vacation). Is this symptomatically Swedish or am I just prejudiced?

Sign found at the end of platforms in Stockholm’s subway system.

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  1. Posted March 24, 2008 at 12:39 | Permalink

    To be fair, it actually says “forbidden for outsiders to step on the rail area” or something like that – the image is, I guess a warning to demonstrate the potential outcome :).

  2. Posted March 24, 2008 at 18:11 | Permalink

    Yes, I know. But that interpretation (and what the text says) is less fun and doesn’t play on the (false) myth about the Swedish suicide rate and haven’t stoped me from finding the graphic hilarious for years ;-)