My Adactio Comment

My comment over at Jeremy blog managed to get somewhat botched so here is it in its original glory:

My approach from now will be fluid layouts using max-width (or “telescoping” layouts as I like to call them) and deal with IE6 using Dean Edwards IE7 script as Eric pointed out a long time ago (at least in internet time).

That leaves us with IE6 browsers with JavaScript turned off and other non-webstandard complying browsers. My hunch is that a fluid layout will look pretty decent in these cases anyway. In terms of Yahoo Graded Browser Support: these aren’t our A-grade browsers. One can not make a web site look exactly the same for all types of browsers, but then that’s the idea behind going fluid.

I haven’t yet managed to read through all the other comments that post generated. It’s a nice concept that Jeremy has going by the way, allowing commenting on posts selectively and not display them publicly until the commenting is closed.

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