Marking Words

Here’s an idea I’ve been entertaining for some time now and that I would like to see realized: A word navigator. I know that in the field of computational linguistics there’s several implementation of this kind for different areas of our syntactic, lexicographic and semantic network of knowledge for our understanding of language. But what I imagine is a practical application for everyday life and work.

The word navigator would essentially be a client to navigate some sort of a navigational database that link words, their properties, and navigate the structure using a radial menu. You have the word in the middle; Around it are its properties as navigational paths to choose from:

  • synonym path, lists synonyms;
  • antonym path, list antonyms;
  • rhyme path, lists words that ryhmes;
  • translation path, lists the word in other available languages;
  • noun path, lists the noun-form, numerus and genus;
  • verb path, lists the verb-form and its tenses;
  • adjective and adverb paths.
  • etc.

For each jump, say you select a synonym, you get a new menu for the new word. This kind of tool would make any writer or editor super productive and making exploration of the language even more fun and instant.

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