Part IV: Visualization and Motion Control

This is an unfinished draft for a book I wrote back in 1999 on the topic of motion control. This is the final and minimal part, just as it was written and with… well, “gaps” some might call it (I told you it was unfinished).

Table of Contents

  1. Pre-visualization
  2. Videoassist
  3. Compositing


“And with the latest pre-visualisation software, the director can even plan the camera move or moves beforehand, and know that the rig will be able to physically perform the move before he even gets into a studio.” (Mark Robertson Motion Control)

Today pre-vizualisation are done in 3D software packages like Lightwave 3D, Softimage 3D and Houdini. Directors and Visual Effect Supervisors can plan moves at their computers and the software warn when something physical impossible can not be achieved. For the production of Supernova did Digital Domain develop a 3D model of their motion control rig that had a green sphere above it that turned red when you tried to make a illegal move.

Sorensen Design do have a pre-viz plug-in for 3D Studio Max that simulates the behavior of their Zebra rig.


[To be written]


[To be written]

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