Notes from Camp

Phew, people really master the art of overreacting to things! And I’m truly sorry if I hurt anybodys feeling by posting this. What I previously meant was that the material (dailies) looked quite good, and I had set my expectations to high, but the movie turned out to be slightly different.


The screen had two ugly “scratch marks” in the lower right corner.

Wrong aspect ratio. However this was due to vingetting problems in wide shots and the picture had to be cropped.

Degraded picture quality. Since it was shot with both an anamorphic lense and then recorded as 16:9 — aiming for 2.35:1 as AR — gave the picture three or four times vertical resolution than horizontal and softening the picture. This also gave birth to some strange highfrequency artifacts after being sent through the electronics of the projection machine. This was a little bit dissapointing since it looked good on monitor and as high resolutions stills. However it was shifting from scene to scene.

Low contrast. The projector had the pedestal set too high, noticable when projecting a black frame that appeared gray. And I suspect the gamma of source and projector machine didn’t match up correctly.


The editing was way to untight, pictures rested to long. Dialog had also problems with loose editing, long ackward pauses after lines been delivered. But there was also examples of the oposit, scenes intercut were they could have been played out in a single shot. Most sequences, except “Fluffy and the handprints”, didn’t have any rythm in the cut. It felt like a workprint, something that still need more work. However, this is my personal taste.


Ok. The sound couldn’t really be judged because of the venues poor soundsystem. It’s some kind of conference system and not a cinema system.

Dialog. The dialog is looped, which was painfully apparent in the begining while it worked really good toward the end and in all night scenes. I guess this is due to lines being looped for each part from page 1 to page 85, making lines come out much tighter on the last page than the first.

Folley. The folley felt half done, only the most apparent effects was there, and much of it (like footsteps) was mixed too high. The environments for dayscenes lacked syncronisation with the visual environment, leaves blowing in picture while we only hear birds singing repeatetly (of course the birds will come back later).

Music. Too much of it. Constantly. It felt like were the soundfx track lacked it was saved by the music. With that said I must point out that I like the music, even if the soundsystem didn’t make it any favour, and the throat song is really haunting.


Overall really, really good effects animation and bluescreen work.

Most of the gore was missing. When people died, one could barerly tell from what. A big downer since it’s kinda the point of the exercise. More blood! We want blood! ;)

The lack of birds in siluette taking off in front of the camera when Alice is found, we only hear them.

The car crash need an establishing shot, and the second pre-impact could have been done as a simple split screen effect then cut to black and a terrible sound of metal bending. And having the horn stuck when Karen wakes up, no other sound. That would have been terrifying.


Ok since this is my area I don’t want to give pointers to my self, that’s a job for others. But here’s a starter:

The blue main moonlight in most nightscenes appeared to bright compared to the foliage lighting. And some scenes wasn’t fully timed between cuts.

You can also see the reflection of a ligting unit in a window of the parked buss when the camera pans out to the left in the Car Key-sequence. (Bummer!)

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