That Python Is Strangling Me!

I’ve given up on implementing Python classes using C API since I couldn’t get instancing in the C API to work properly. No helpfull error messages, either segfault or “wrong arguments in Objectsclassobjects.cpp line 504″, no helpfull documentation, and me to tired to even type gdb. I’m going back to write a simple module and wrap it in classes written in Python.

But that solutions annoy me because it will mean I first write a module, transfering my C++ interfaces to something similar to a C interface (object-oriented non the less in a GTK+ way), and then wrap that module into Python classes miming the original interfaces. I had hope to shorten that path. But apparently failed to do so. Oh well, oh well… There’s another day tomorrow, said Scarlett O’Hara before she logged of.

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