Movie Magic

I have evaluated the Movie Magic Scriptwriter briefly the last couple of days. It has the same feature set as Final Draft. But there are some nuisances that make me feel awkward using Scriptwriter compared to Final Draft: When you create a new script the first line is not automatically a slug line element. I couldn’t get it to autocomplete the INT/EXT and you must use double dash on slug lines to autocomplete time. And other such small things, however these where the first things that I notices.

But where Movie Magic Scriptwriter really outperform Final Draft is the breakdowns that can be put to use in production planning and scheduling. This have of course to do with the fact Write Bros. also produce an application called Movie Magic Shedule. But the breakdowns are really good for planning you can use them without any special software and do the scheduling the classic way.

Ok this is not a very complete review since I didn’t spend a lot of time comparing the two products. I still like Final Draft better for pure scriptwriting. Write Bros. also offer a slimmed down version of Movie Magic called Hollywood Scriptwriter for only $59.95 but it’s only available for MS Windows which is sad.

If you are using MS Word (shame on you!) you can find a free template/macro called Script Smart over at BBC’s Writers Room.

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