VakuumapparatWith Perforce offering unrestricted usage of their revision control server for up to 20 users; it might be time to take a look at what it can offer you as a small independent developer. Even if you, like me, already have been using systems like Git or Subversion to collaborate, it might actually be time to adopt Perforce as your internal revision control system.

This is my atempt at an overview of why a more centralized version control systems has an advantage over distributed systems like Git in some cases and why Perforce has an advantage over systems like Subversion in many of those cases. It also serves as an explanation to why Perforce adoption has become so widespread in large parts of the game industry.

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I would like to talk to you about something that has been on my mind lately: Decoupling. No, it’s not any particularly new concept and something I’ve been practicing as a software developer over the past ten years. What I have been thinking about is its application to the web, our software stacks and how I would like to take it further in my own work.

In computer science coupling is the term used to describe how much one piece of code relies on another piece of code and knowledge about the inner workings of that code to be able to use it. Decoupling is the process of separating them so that their functionality will be more self contained.

Decoupling is a good practice as it makes the individual parts easier to maintain and change. In software development we usually start with doing the simplest thing that could possibly work. As long as something delivers what its users expect, implementation does not matter. You could start with a simple, but inefficient implementation just to get things going, and then switch to a more efficient when you need to start to scale without your users being any wiser. Put in other words: The higher degree in wich something is coupled the harder it gets to do something simple.

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And we’re back (once again)!

The infrequent visitor to this site might have noticed that I haven’t posted anything since, like, forever. Or put in other words, er, numbers: 2009.

Much has happened since then. I begun studying at Linköping university. Was supposed to have a bachelor in history by now. (I am still working on it.) But instead been drinking beer, passing law exams with flying colors and involving myself with student associations, unions and politics.

During 2010 I was responsible for my student associations website and publicizing the organisation (something I continued doing during 2011 despite me having moved on to another position on the board of directors) and simply didn’t have much time to work on my own projects. And as the following chart now shall amply demonstrate, I simply fell off the internet:

The reason being me moving to a new host about a year ago. I finally stopped whining about the poor shared hosting at Surftown (the price went up every year without any improvement in service) and moved to a virtual private server at Slicehost. For some reason, that I today cannot fathom, I just couldn’t be asked to upload this, my bloggy thing in the English vernacular, to the new server.

So there you have it. My excuse. Now bugger off!

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The #spectrial

Following The Pirate Bay court case during the two last days has been like watching a special needs team play a NBA team, were former do all scoring in their own goal while the latter sits comfortably cheer leading from the sidelines.

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Now I’m pissed… someone is using my email adress in SPAM

Some Russian fellows appears to be using my email address as the from address in SPAM messages about a business course. I’m getting “mail delivery failed” messages en masse.

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My Playground


Playground (not suitable for children under 30 year).

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The Cupertino Effect In Action

Was recently affected by the Cupertino effect: “bounce of ranging monkeys” instead of “bunch of raging monkeys” and “historical impotence” in place of “historical importance”.

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Anechoic Sampled Instruments and Reverberation

I had a disturbing dream the other night that I was modeling a reverb of an anechoic room. Been occupied a little bit too much by acoustics, reverberation and instruments samples, have we?

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Home Studio Acoustics: The Basics

There are two extremes to studio building: The situation were you are stuck with a room and have to do the best of the situation, and the situation were you have total control and can do the best you can afford. In here I try to examen the first and most common situation and how you deal with it in three easy steps. While I’m going to approach a room that isn’t necessarily allocated as studio all the basics will still be the same when you slide across the scale to the other extreme.

Just let us clear up one thing right away: Acoustic treatment and sound isolation are two completely different concepts. When you design a studio from scratch you will take both into account from the start of the design process. But with that said it’s worth to know that an acoustically pleasing space will let you play back sound at lower volume with better definition and do not exaggerate lower frequencies and make the room sound less loud. So even without any special sound isolation just treating it acoustically will probably make your neighbors happy.

So let’s get cracking!

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Forbidden to throw yourself in front of the train

Förbjudet att kasta sig framför tåget

Here’s a type of sign I can’t remember seeing anywhere else like London, Paris, Milano, L.A. or the few cities with subways I’ve visited (realize that NYC and Berlin is missing and that I need to book a vacation). Is this symptomatically Swedish or am I just prejudiced?

Sign found at the end of platforms in Stockholm’s subway system.

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